Jeremie Frimpong: The British-Dutchman

It’s December the 10th, two days after the Scottish League Cup Final between Rangers Football Club and Celtic, a rivalry widely known as the ‘Old Firm’. Jeremie Frimpong played just 63 minutes, as he was sent off with a red card after he made a foul on Alfredo Morelos, causing a penalty in the process. Which was – fortunately for Jeremie – missed by Morelos. One of the most remarkable things related to the game, was the spontaneous and charismatic post-match interview Jeremie had.

Jeremie Frimpong was born exactly 19 years ago, on December the 10th of the year 2000, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At the age of seven, Jeremie moved to England with his parents, where he did not join a football club at first. It was three years later when he played a youth tournament in Manchester and he was scouted by Manchester City FC and joined their youth ranks.

From 2010 till 2019, Jeremie played as a right-back for various youth teams of ‘The Citizens’, until Celtic contracted him on the second of September, making his first-team debut later that month on september the 25th in the Scottish League Cup against Patrick Thistle. After a slow start of the season, it looks like Jeremie finally solidated himself in the starting eleven, starting in eight of Celtics last nine matches. Frimpong has already represented The Netherlands at U19- and U20 level. He is yet to make his European debut, but with Celtic topping their group in the UEFA Europa League, it is more then likely that his European debut is going to happen anytime soon.

To summarize it all, I think, besides his joyful personality, which made him a fan-favourite early on in the season, Frimpong has a lot of potential as a full-back when he learns to improve his weaknesses. How far his potential can reach is hard to say, as he just only played a few matches on the highest level in Scotland. The right-back position in the Dutch national team is one of the only positions still up for debate, as there isn’t a clear-cut back who is always starts, yet he has a long way to go to even be selected. Besides that, Jeremie is also eligble to pick the Ghanaian national squad, as his parents are originally Ghanaian.

Celtic, and the Scottish Premiership is in my humble opinion an amazing league for him to develop as a defender. I am excited to see how Frimpong will grow as a player. If he iss going to be as good a football player as he is in giving interviews, he is going te be just fine.

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